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Finding the right support for your infant's feeding questions and challenges is crucial.  We are not meant to feed our babies by ourselves. You deserve knowledgeable support!


I practice non-judgemental care and support ALL feeding choices. I meet you in my welcoming office in Stamford, CT. I also provide virtual care. I offer lactation, breastfeeding, bottle feeding, pumping, flange fitting, and formula feeding support. 

Cathy Walker, IBCLC Lactation Consultant

Empowering your personal feeding goals.

Need something quickly?
Text (914) 218-6231 for the fastest response!

Lactation support when you need it.

cathy walker

I support lactating parents who are struggling with the following concerns (plus much more!)

  • Difficult or painful latch

  • Nipple damage

  • Engorgement, plugged ducts, mastitis

  • Slow weight gain

  • Triple feeding

  • Nipple shield weaning/management

  • Low milk supply

  • Milk oversupply

  • Tongue tie, lip tie, buccal ties.

  • I specialize in the assessment and rehabilitation of tethered oral tissues

  • Bottle refusal, bottle skills

  • Pumping, back to work

  • Flange fitting

  • Comprehensive education

​Let's create a workable plan to help you reach your goals! Schedule an appointment today. 

Kind Words

"As a first time new mom, breastfeeding was very important to me. Due to unforeseen circumstances, Ialso found myself triple feeding and riddled with anxiety after my son's birth. The minute I first spoke with Cathy on the phone, I started to feel better- not just because she was a compassionate and supportive resource, but also because she offered a concrete plan and actionable items to help our family move forward.


Cathy was communicative and always available to offer help, or to refer us to someone  who could, if additional specialists were needed. Cathy is wonderful with both adults and babies and I felt totally at ease when she was working with my son and with me. I would recommend her (and have already) to anyone who could benefit from her services!"




"Cathy has an immense amount of knowledge and experience that she shared with my family in a kind and supportive way. She was able to identify causes to the many confusing issues we were experiencing. Cathy’s support does not stop after her thorough in-person meetings. She is responsive throughout the day, in a most timely manner, on her secure messaging system for any questions you may have.


Cathy makes the complexities and challenges of breastfeeding into a manageable and enjoyable experience. I feel so lucky to have found her support and continuous understanding, which has been essential to helping me and my family through a difficult situation.


Cathy was friendly, professional, and incredibly helpful. I found the process of making an appointment easy. She is highly responsive via email, text, and through her secure messaging portal. I scheduled a home visit and she gave me great instructions to prepare for the appointment. She brought her own scale so we were able to do an accurate before/after weight so we could accurately measure how much my baby ate. She also accepts my insurance, Aetna, so she billed them directly and it cost me nothing out of pocket. Cathy is also an inclusive practitioner, which I appreciate.


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